Your Body Mandala: Exploring the Body's Inner and Outer Spaces

  • Yoga House, Pasadena, CA 11 West State Street Pasadena, CA, 91105 United States

Mary Bond's new book, Your Body Mandala: Posture as a Path to Presence, offers both a somatic philosophy and a mind-body practice It's a perfect companion to yoga and other somatic disciplines. Drawing on fascia research, neuroscience and her background as a Rolfing® Structural Integration practitioner, Mary shares gleanings of a 50-year journey in somatic exploration. Her message of the power of interoception and embodiment is an antidote to the current culture of urgency and distraction.

The workshop includes a presentation on fascia research, explorations from the book that elucidate the correspondence between our bodies' internal structures and our perceptual orientation to the world. We will apply the work to yoga practice. Mary will also sign copies of the book.