Welcome to my posture coaching program.  

Here’s how it works:

After I receive your registration I’ll send you my questionnaire.  Questions include things like injuries that might have impacted your posture, and how you use your body for work and recreation.  I’ll also ask you to send me a series of video clips of your body in action:  walking, sitting down, bending over, etc., plus any other movements you’d like to share–your Tai Chi, tennis, tango or playing a musical instrument.  Clips can be .mov files or unlisted YouTube or Vimeo videos.

I spend quite a bit of time reviewing your information and clips. Then I’ll send you an extensive written assessment.  This Body Reading is like having an astrological reading, but the chart is your body!   I’ll also suggest specific ways you can use the resources in my books, DVD and blog archive to begin helping yourself.

After you’ve spent some time with my suggestions, we can schedule a Skype appointment to fine-tune your personal HealYourPosture Practice.

After you register I’ll send you the body history questionnaire and list of what I need to see in the video clips.

Important: Tech requirements for your Online Coaching Session

  • High-speed broadband connection (as fast as possible)

  • A clear webcam or computer with built-in camera. A laptop works well because you can move it around to adjust the camera angle and height so I can see your body up close and farther away. The better your camera, the better I will be able to see you.

  • Space in your room to move—walk a few paces, lie on the floor, sit down.

  • A chair that is the right height for your body (trick question—answer is in my book and video workshop!)

Take advantage of this powerful opportunity to
Heal Your Posture.

To enroll:

  1. READ THE WAIVER and submit the completed form linked below.

  2. Submit your payment via paypal.me/MaryBondLOSANGELES.

  3. Once I receive notice of your payment I’ll email you and we’ll begin Phase One.