In addition to teaching CE workshops for professional manual and movement therapists, Mary offers engaging workshops for the general public.

Workshops are tailored to the needs and interests of participants:

  • Actors, dancers and athletes find new ways to enhance performance.
  • Business people achieve greater comfort and safety in the workplace.
  • Fitness trainers and teachers of yoga or Pilates find new skills for assessing their students’ postural issues.
  • People looking for greater ease and self-assurance gain resources for personal growth.
  • All discover a new understanding of themselves through Mary’s subtle yet powerful approach to body-mind integration.

In this clip, students explore principles presented in The New Rules of Posture. Bringing attention to overlooked perceptions about how we stand and walk brings hidden tensions to the surface where they can be exchanged for better ways of feeling balanced and stable.

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Online Workshops

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What people say about Mary’s classes:

Her workshop quickly deepened our understanding of human movement.

"Mary Bond is a delightful presenter, deeply committed to the work she presents and keenly in-tune with her audience. She met each individual as such while maintaining a group focus. Her workshop easily assimilated into our Pilates practice and quickly deepened our understanding of human movement. There were immediate take-aways that spoke directly to fundamental principles in Pilates, from footwork on the Reformer to spinal articulation and breath work. We feel very fortunate to have connected with such an energetic, enthusiastic and insightful deep-thinker as Mary Bond."

— Sybil Shearburn, Body Language Pilates, Tina Hicks, Core Reaction Pilates, and Amy Cauwels & Jenny Vick, Madison Pilates Studio  (Huntsville, AL)


More body awareness and freedom of movement… 

"I attended Mary’s workshop in London in 2012. From the first exercise to identify a pelvic or thoracic centre of gravity, to the last exercise exploring peripersonal space, it was a very rich learning experience. Many of my pupils have starting playing golf as adults.  They are trying to execute an extremely complicated movement with bodies that are sometimes restricted in their ability to carry it out.  Through what I have learnt from Mary I am able to help my pupils create more body awareness and freedom of movement that ultimately helps them to play better golf. And most importantly avoid injury."

— Lindsey Irvine, PGA Golf Professional, British PGA AA, German PGA G1

Mary’s depth of understanding of the human body is remarkable.

"Mary Bond’s depth of understanding of the human body is remarkable. What is even more outstanding is her dedication to finding the unique way to further each student’s progress as a therapist and as a human being. She is one of those rare teachers who can engage with a diverse group and reach each person at the level of his or her own understanding."

— Maria Grove, Founding Director, Touch Therapy Institute


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