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Heal Your Posture at Tax Time

I love my accountant.  The walls of his office display a 40-year collection of IRS cartoons, and he does everything he can to keep our yearly meeting light.  But there’s nothing like an hour’s contemplation of tax code intricacies to make your head spin and put kinks in your center line. Read more

Enliven Your Spine (Japanese translation)


あなたの背骨は3次元 Read more

Posture, Perception and People (Japanese translation)


CoupleBeachあなたの姿勢を癒すために、私はいつも姿勢よりも知覚を練習するよう求めています。私はあなたの肩の姿勢や、首の位置についてアドバイスをしません。むしろ、あなたに内側のバランスの感覚や大文字の P と共にいる感覚(過去や将来の不安なしに今ここにいる状態)を発見するよう手伝おうとします。 Read more

Low Back Pain and Substance Abuse

A year ago I posted a piece about the relationship between joint pain and digestive abuse–an after-effect of  holiday cheer.  You’d think I’d learn, but guess what?  This year I’m fessing up again, with a different twist. Read more

Helical Spine Stretch

Holiday Greetings!

The attached video is a holiday gift to my subscribers—a de-stressor practice.  But it actually has a further purpose.

When we walk, our spines are designed to move in two counter-rotating helical patterns. Read more

Guns and Shoulder Tension

Dec. 14.

The anniversary of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Newtown, CT has made me think about guns and gunmen. It’s also brought to mind a client—a different sort of gunman–who wanted my advice about his chronic shoulder pain. Read more