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Sitting with Pelvis Support

Use Your Body-Mind Connection

When you’re feeling self-confident and assertive, there’s an automatic uplift to your chest, spine and neck—your posture automatically organizes itself for the better. But no one feels terrific all the time, right? By teaching yourself the physical sensations that correspond to a good mood, you can use your body-mind connectivity to good advantage. Read more

Posture, Elbows and Consciousness

Posh Soap Opera

I admit it–I watched all six seasons of Downton Abby. I loved the clothes! And Lady Violet’s barbs–no one can deliver scathing lines quite like Maggie Smith. Read more

Posture, Perception and Presence

A book a decade…

Last July I said to myself: okay, I’ve written two books, so I should be able to knock off another one.

Well, not so much!

Since I’m not prolific—one every 10 years is all I can manage—it was easy to forget how stressful writing a book can be. Read more

Minimal Shoes and Biofeedback

Minimal Shoes: Pros and Cons

If our hunter-gatherer forebears wore simple hide foot coverings or, depending on the weather, went barefoot, wouldn’t shoes that are barely there be good for us too? Read more

Eyes on Posture

Recently the Saturday Evening Post invited me to contribute to their Five-minute Fitness feature. How in the world could I communicate something about posture being organized by perception in 200 words or less? Read more

Wake Up Your Feet!

If you’re thinking that feet are my favorite subject, you could be right. I definitely think that adaptable, responsive feet are a vital component in healthy posture. By adaptable, I mean feet that are able to move–not just to take steps, but also to spread and clasp, to wriggle and writhe and bounce. Read more