Mary detected my right hip imbalance/rotation within the first session.”

My journey to find a remedy for my neck pain has been long, expensive and ineffective. Then I found Mary Bond. Over the past 15 years I have been to 3 chiropractors, 3 Physical Medicine physicians, 1 oral surgeon (to rule out TMJ), personal trainers, Physical Therapists, and countless Pilates and yoga classes in my attempt to understand the etiology and more importantly, the cure for my chronic neck pain, sleepless nights and resultant fatigue. Within the first session with Mary she detected my right hip imbalance/rotation. By the 3rd session I had improved sleep. I am now on my 5th session and the neck pain is disappearing.

Maureen Sims, M.D.
Professor Emeritus, UCLA.

Her talent as a therapist and kindness of heart achieved a miracle.”

I brought Mary Bond a body massively restricted by not having danced in over 12 years. My goal was to resuscitate a career. Her talent as a therapist and kindness of heart achieved a miracle. Today my flexibility is something I have never experienced ever!

Bonnie Oda Homsey
Director, American Repertory Dance Company
Former soloist, Martha Graham Dance Company.

Mary's DVD was a breath of fresh air, while her credentials are amazing and I know she teaches health professionals, physical therapists, etc....where I think she shines is in communicating in very easy to understand, layman terms. Bravo!

— Amazon review for Heal Your Posture: A 7 Week Workshop.


Mary’s work seems to have an air of almost elegant inevitability about it.”

Mary Bond’s work never descends to the formulaic. With her vast knowledge of the human body and her highly developed intuition, she is able to read your distinct body and to create space, release and awareness exactly where it’s needed. Each specialized session feels like a direct response on her part to the pace and pattern of your own particular unfolding. Mary’s work seems to have an air of almost elegant inevitability about it. Looking back, you sense that there was no other way she could have possibly proceeded and that she will never repeat the same sequence on anyone else in quite the same way.

As a yoga practitioner, the connections I’ve made while working with Mary have both influenced and deepened my practice of yoga both on and off the mat. I’ve noticed a definite, qualitative difference in my experience of poses I’ve been doing for years, a feeling of dropping old, deeply embedded (and restrictive) patterns from my very tissues. 

Bruce Schwartz
Yoga Instructor
Co-director Yoga House, Pasadena, CA

She is able to make abstract ideas into direct applications.”

Mary Bond is a superior educator. She speaks on many subjects that somatic teachers such as Pilates, PT’s and Feldenkrais teachers would  benefit from. I immediately was able to apply conceptual teaching tools that I learned in her workshop for Pilates teachers. She is able to make abstract ideas into direct applications. This is very important to all of us who need to find the best value when shopping for continue education courses.. 

— Stacy Barrows, PT, GFCP, PMA®-CPT
Inventor of the Smartroller® products and author of the Smartroller Guide to Optimal Health
Owner of Century City Physical Therapy, Inc.