Heal Your Posture
A 7-Week Workshop

Heal Your Posture: A 7-Week Workshop contains individualized lessons that step you through this revolutionary approach to improving your posture. You'll learn to:

  • • reduce or eliminate back, neck, jaw and shoulder pain
  • • improve problem feet
  • • change poor breathing habits
  • • strengthen your core
  • • boost your body awareness
  • • improve your performance of Pilates, yoga, dance or sports
In Mary Bond’s smart new workshop, essential lessons of good self-use—immediately practical in daily home, office and recreational life—are taught via regular people, so we share in their questions as well as their discoveries.
— Thomas Myers, Director of Kinesis, anatomytrains.com
Available on DVD via  Amazon  • Streaming via  Vimeo .

Available on DVD via Amazon • Streaming via Vimeo.


Know Your Feet
A Self-Care Workshop

This 80-minute workshop empowers you through information and experiences to understand how your feet are meant to support and transport you. The content includes:

  • Demonstrations and explorations to FEEL how your feet should work
  • Relevant but simple anatomy to understand the complexity and magic of the foot
  • The relationship between your feet and your body as a whole
  • What it means to feel and receive support
  • Self-help exercises to improve faulty foot habits
I woke up to a new awareness with ‘Know Your Feet.’ After 60 years of Posing, Prancing, Practicing, Performing, and Placing (my life of dance), I’ve never enjoyed such a well balanced examination of my feet!
— Janet Jacobson, Body and Voice Coach
Available streaming via  Vimeo .

Available streaming via Vimeo.


Two video workshops through Fusion Fitness.


Fusion Fitness:  A serious Resource for Pilates Professionals offers creative and innovative online education that is void of fashion and trend which will support and deepen the skill level of the serious movement educator. While having fun.


Free Videos on YouTube

I brought Mary Bond a body massively restricted by not having danced in over 12 years. My goal was to resuscitate a career. Her talent as a therapist and kindness of heart achieved a miracle. Today my flexibility is something I have never experienced ever!
— Bonnie Oda Homsey Director, American Repertory Dance Company Former soloist, Martha Graham Dance Company