…for Pilates instructors,  yoga instructors, and Movement Therapists.

The intent of every class is to deepen the mind-body connection through embodied understanding of biomechanical and perceptual patterns that organize human posture and movement.

Gravitational Support and Embodied Presence

This workshop explores ways in which we resist being supported by the ground and how this resistance manifests as tensions throughout the body. Through releasing unconscious inhibitions to full acceptance of gravitational support, we gain insight into what it means to be present–with ourselves and with our students:


Spatial Awareness and Postural Organization

Current neuroscience research understands the body’s kinesphere or peripersonal space as an integral part of the brain’s management of the body. Learn specific ways to use this information to improve balance, coordination, core control and breathing.



Formerly regarded as mere packing material for the "more important" muscles and organs, fascia has newly engaged the attention of scientists around the globe. In this experiential workshop we will reconceive our bodies-—and our fitness disciplines—in the light of the new fascia research.


Breath as Whole-Body Response

Normal breathing is a global postural response that involves the body’s intrinsic layers of myofascia from feet through cranium. Identify specific body regions where this response may be impeded. Learn how to address the vertebral flexion response that is common to most breathing problems and poor postural habits.

Facial Tension and Performance

Although effort and focus are keys to peak performance, they are often linked with unconscious jaw, throat and eye tension. Tensions in the face and perceptual organs diminish the mobility of the neck and indirectly affect the entire spine. Recognize the body-wide compressive effects of facial tension, and learn specific perceptual cues to counter this habit.

Walking: Into and Out of the Studio

Walking: Into and Out of the Studio
The New Rules of Posture contains both a template for assessing our clients’ movement patterns and strategies for integrating new somatic experiences into the thick of daily living. The class explores the principal features of natural walking, and identifies tensions that commonly restrict normal motion. Learn ways to anchor somatic learning so clients can access it outside the yoga, Pilates or fitness studio.

Eyes Within Your Spine

Graceful human movement requires fluid joint articulation. In this workshop, we evoke greater fluidity in our bodies by tapping into deep perceptions of the interdependent motions of our vertebrae. We explore basic biomechanics, apply new perceptions to exercise routines such as yoga or Pilates and, through movement-meditation, engage our innate body wisdom in developing new options for self-expression.

Workshops are 5 hours.  Topics may be combined into 2 or 3 day courses.

What Pilates teachers have to say about Mary’s workshops…

They all felt the sensation of better posture and connection to their feet.

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop at the UP Pilates Studio on July 26, 27, 2014.  I learned so much that I put into use immediately with my clients. I have been watching your videos today on YouTube and I’m hooked!  I can’t stop watching them!  They are so helpful.

You have so generously put me on a new path of posture.  I just used some very simple techniques I learned from you over the weekend and my balance and mobility class loved it and also Got IT!  They all felt the sensation of better posture and connection to their feet.  It was great!  They all stood stronger.

Thank you so much."

— Linda Cantrill,  www.spiritedbalance.com
Specialist-Educator: Fall Risk Prevention / Therapeutic Pilates


Her workshop quickly deepened our understanding of human movement. 

"Mary Bond is a delightful presenter, deeply committed to the work she presents and keenly in-tune with her audience. She met each individual as such while maintaining a group focus. Her workshop easily assimilated into our Pilates practice and quickly deepened our understanding of human movement. There were immediate take-aways that spoke directly to fundamental principles in Pilates, from footwork on the Reformer to spinal articulation and breath work. We feel very fortunate to have connected with such an energetic, enthusiastic and insightful deep-thinker as Mary Bond."

— Sybil Shearburn, Body Language Pilates, Tina Hicks, Core Reaction Pilates, and Amy Cauwels & Jenny Vick, Madison Pilates Studio  (Huntsville, AL)

I immediately was able to apply conceptual teaching tools that I learned in her workshop.

"Mary Bond is a superior educator. She speaks on many subjects that somatic teachers such as Pilates, PT’s and Feldenkrais teachers would  benefit from. I immediately was able to apply conceptual teaching tools that I learned in her workshop for Pilates teachers. She is able to make abstract ideas into direct applications. This is very important to all of us who need to find the best value when shopping for continue education courses."

— Stacy Barrows, PT, GFCP, PMA®-CPT
Inventor of the Smartroller® products and author of the Smartroller Guide to Optimal Health
Owner of Century City Physical Therapy, Inc.

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