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Breathing and Walking: Embodiment and Intervention

This workshop is designed for Structural Integration practitioners and other somatic movement professionals to gain body-reading confidence, skill in verbal cuing, and success in facilitating transformative body awareness, and in creating practical movement solutions for clients. Topics include:

Photo by Alain Wong via  Upsplash .

Photo by Alain Wong via Upsplash.

  • Movement explorations designed to deepen awareness of our selves as “fascial bodies.”
  • Posture and movement as products of perceptual orientation.
  • Bio-tensegrity: multidimensional polarities through the fascial body create a balanced biological structure in any position. Heightened perception and vectored movement replace the mechanistic arranging of body parts.
  • Biomechanical and functional relationships that link breathing and walking.
  • Movement interventions and self-care practices that restore articulation to the spine, ease to breathing, and grace to gait.

Cost:  $825.  5 days.  RISI and IASI CEs

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For information on possible future workshops in Seattle, contact Jeanne Vadnais.

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