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The Pelvis: Support, Mobility and Fascial Continuity

  • Salt Lake City, UT (map)

with Mary Bond and Carol Agneessens

This workshop is designed for Structural Integration practitioners and other somatic movement professionals to gain body reading confidence, skill in verbal cuing, and success in creating practical and transformative movement solutions for clients. We will:

  • Understand the pelvis patterns and problems we feel in ourselves and notice in our clients.
  • Understand the embryonic genesis of pelvic form and function.
  • Gain interoceptive understanding of the relationship between diaphragmatic patterns and movement transmission through the spine
  • Review the biomechanics of the sacroiliac joints, crucial to contralateral walking.
  • Practice movement interventions for integrating the pelvic girdle with the spine and lower extremities.
  • Incorporate pelvic integration into the basic ten series and post-ten assesssments.

Cost:  $1155.  6 days (Sept. 10 is a day off) RISI and IASI CEs