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Fascia: The Organ of Embodiment

  • Yoga House 11 WEST STATE STREET Pasadena, CA 91105 (map)

Formerly thought of as mere packing material for the “more important” muscles and organs, fascia has newly engaged the attention of scientists around the globe. In this experiential workshop we will re-conceive our bodies–and our yoga practices–in the light of the new fascia research.

  • Fascia as the organ of wholeness: the ubiquitous matrix in which everything else in the body is embedded, and through which everything else functions. We explore ourselves as “fascial bodies.”
  • Interoception is your capacity to sense yourself from within your body. Fascia is the organ of interoception.
  • Bio-tensegrity. Multidimensional polarities through the fascial body creates a balanced biological structure in any position. Tensional integrity replaces the mechanistic stacking up of body parts.
  • Fascial conditioning: specific movements, exercise and activities to keep your fascia healthy and youthful.

June 25 & 26 • 2-4:30 pm