Interview II: Everyday Acupuncture Podcast

Another great interview with Michael Max on Everyday Acupuncture.  (Listen to the previous interview, from May 2015, here.)

We rarely think of our feet as the amazing complex multi-boned platforms that allow us to walk upright. And in fact— they are sensory organs with a deep affinity for balance, movement and listening to the environment.

This is an encore interview with our guest Mary Bond, who joined us on EAP020 for a discussion of Presence and Movement. We’d planned to talk about feet, but got delightfully sidetracked with breathing and how that opens the spine.

Today’s show not only takes deep look into foot function and movement, but also touches on neuroplasticity and how expanding the movement in our feet not only helps with balance and comfort, but expands the neural maps of the body in the brain.
— Everyday Acupuncture EAP041

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