New: 7 Week Workshop DVD

Since 2007, when The New Rules of Posture came out, I’ve had scores of requests for a video to assist readers in moving through the explorations and practices in the book.  We all take in information through various channels, but when it comes to body learning, there’s no good substitute for the senses.  Words, no matter how pictorial and evocative, have a hard time becoming flesh.

After many months resisting the video project—I knew it would be a mountain--I finally jumped in.  The first step was to find a videographer—an easy task, you might think, here in Hollywood-land.  But I had a bite-sized budget and a yen for quality—two things that might be hard to match.  Eventually I found Ian Campbell, who, I learned after I’d hired him, studied yoga at my friend Mike Nalick’s studio.  (You’ll meet Mike in my DVD workshop.) This was the first of many good omens. It’s been nearly two years since that first meeting with Ian, and after many adventures—a vertical learning curve for me—I have a product I can present to New Rules fans with pride and pleasure: Heal Your Posture—A 7 Week Workshop

When you view it, you’ll notice that I present you with some ideas that aren’t mentioned in the book.  That’s simply because I hadn’t learned about them when I wrote it.  Further, there are numerous practices that are different from those in the book. I felt compelled to share what I was doing in 2010, rather than what I had been doing during the book’s gestation in 2005. The basic philosophy is the same, however:  that our postures are our responses to Life, and that by valuing body awareness, we can revise how we walk our personal roads.

I look forward to hearing your responses to the Heal Your Posture Workshop.  You’re welcome to contact me by email, or just respond to my blog posts here.

Warm regards,