Secrets of Your Shoulders

Because I entitled this video blog “Secrets of the Shoulders”, I don’t want to just tell you what the secrets are.  Watch the video to be introduced to bits of your anatomy you may not know you have:  your corocoid processes.  You’ll find out where those are, and what you can do with them.  It’s a little tip that I’ve found useful and hope you will too.  Once you get the feeling of letting your “corocoid eyes” look forward into the world, see how it feels to walk around with that feeling.  Remember, this is never about locking your body into a forced position, but  about using the imagery to help you find new sensations of movement and posture.  I took my corocoids for a spin this morning in Pilates mat class and both “plank” and “downward dog” felt stronger and easier.  I also used them while folding laundry—folding the sheets may just become my favorite arm and shoulder re-mapping activity.  Please tell me about your experiences with your “corocoid corners”.  Cheers!

© 2013 Mary Bond