Fluff Your Fascia

In previous posts, I’ve written about re-framing our fitness regimes to target fascial conditioning.  I haven’t meant to imply that stretching, strength-building or cardio approaches to fitness are not worthwhile, but rather to emphasize that the type of movement that specifically restores dehydrated tendon and other tight regions of fascia requires a specific approach. Fascia needs to stretch and rebound—to bounce; that’s what keeps it juicy and healthy. This video blog shares a different approach to fascial conditioning:  “fascial massage.”  I share two ways to plump up your fascia by using a simple tool  you can purchase at many grocery stores.

If you’d like to pursue a body-wide self-massage approach, have a look at The MELT® Method, Yamuna Body Rolling, and Yoga Tune-up.

© 2013 Mary Bond