Grounding Practice

Posture is a matter of perception.

If we can really let our bodies accept support from the ground and simultaneously widen our perspective to include our surroundings, then that balanced perceptual field automatically optimizes posture—as well as doing a lot of nice things for our mental outlook.

A recent blog post suggested ways for you to get in touch withplaces in your bodies where you habitually interfere with the two orienting perceptions.  But if you don't have a physical sense of what I mean by peception of "ground" and "space", then much of my advice can have only abstract meaning for you.

In this video I want to share my favorite practice for restoring my own relationship to the ground—after I’ve disrupted it by getting caught up in some problem or other. I hope it will help you find your own bone-deep relationship with mother earth.

It’s simple—just rolling on the ground.

Just one caveat:  if you're prone to low back pain caused by an unstable lumbar spine or sacroiliac joints, please practice this with your deep corset engaged.  Find out how in Lesson 3 of my Heal Your Posture DVD.

For more on the relationships between yielding to gravity and relaxation, see this post from last year.

© 2013 Mary Bond