Foot Support for Artistic Expression


Finding the sensation of healthy support from his feet made a lovely difference in Eric's life. In the accompanying video this musician/songwriter shows how his musical expression changes depending on how he lives in his feet. Your body can move around in the world without your being fully present in it. You may have good body awareness in general but lack presence in specific parts or areas of your body. In the video, Eric speaks about “finding his cuboid.” He’s referring to finding awareness in a specific region of the foot that activates better organization of the entire lower extremity. For more about foot organization, see Know Your Feet, my online workshop.

I'm sharing this video not as information about the cuboid bone, but as demonstration of how new sensory impression, sincerely practiced and thereby coded into your brain mapping can change the way you express yourself in the world. When we made the video, there was a clip in which Eric spoke about how the style of music he wanted to write and play had changed. Unfortunately that clip disappeared, as they sometimes do on iMovie. But I believe you can see and hear that transformation for yourself in the video.

My thanks to Eric Podnar for generously sharing his process with my readers.

© 2015 Mary Bond