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Come Home to Your Feet

  • Kripalu Center 57 Interlaken Road Stockbridge, MA 01262 United States (map)

A Whole-Person Experience of Foundations


Empower yourself with an experiential understanding of how your feet are meant to support and transport your body. Subtle mis- alignments in your foundation can cause foot pain and affect posture and movement by way of your body-wide network of fascia. In this program, explore the connections between the feet, hips, spine, and heart as you examine the relationship between the way your feet ground to the earth and your way of being present in the world.

Experience how your feet should work as you

  • study the bony articulations of the feet and the biomechanical relationships between feet, pelvis and spine

  • understand the foot patterns and problems we see in ourselves and others

  • discover the effects of foot mobility and support on the function of legs, hips, pelvis, and spine

  • observe the effects of foot mobility and support on respiration, balance and locomotion

  • learn self-help for deficiencies in our foundations

  • apply new perceptions to the practice of any somatic discipline, and to daily living

This 5-day program is open to everyone who wants to make their feet (and whole bodies) more mobile and comfortable. It is also informative for bodyworkers, somatic educators, and yoga teachers. The relaxed schedule of Kripalu programs gives you ample time to integrate your experiences and challenge them with additional activities at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

23 IASI CE credits