Shoulder Release

This video blog shows shares a way to relieve upper shoulder and neck tension by resting your arm over a ball.  The one I used is a dryer ball, but I first learned this exercise with a tennis ball.  Any small ball that fits comfortably into your armpit will work. Plant the ball in your armpit.  Adjust it so your shoulder and upper arm can comfortably rest down over it. If your positioning causes pressure on a brachial nerve you can easily re-adjust the ball to avoid that.

The position lengthens upper trapezius and accompanying fascial structures. Body workers reading this might see it as a “positional release”. Leave the ball there for about a minute.  It’s good to walk around while letting your shoulder bobble around on the ball.  That subtle movement causes pulsation through the fascia, softening it.

It may look like nothing much is happening, but when you remove the ball, you’ll feel a welcome release in the tense upper shoulder area that is such a bane for so many people.  You may also notice more space in your armpit, and have the sense that that arm feels longer, and can swing more fluidly when you walk.

It’s good to do one side at a time so that your brain will register the released sensation by comparison with the other side.

A great sequence would be for you to do the fascial massage for feet and hips suggested in a previous post. Then do the armpit release.  And then take long juicy walk.  Enjoy!

© 2013 Mary Bond