Know Your Feet

Know Your Feet, my first online workshop, is finally available! It’s my first attempt to offer something more substantial than the short videos I share on YouTube.

Here’s the trailer:


An Informative Video

My intent for the workshop is to empower you through information and experiences to understand how your feet are meant to support and transport you. The content includes:

  • demonstrations and explorations to FEEL how your feet should work
  • relevant but simple anatomy to understand the complexity and magic of the foot
  • the relationship between your feet and your body as a whole
  • what it means to feel and receive support
  • self-help exercises to improve faulty foot habits

I decided, for this first online course (I have 5 more in mind), to offer it on a subscription basis. Your fee of $34.95 will give you access to thevideo for 90 days. It’s 80 minutes long, but if you really do the work suggested, you’ll receive the content of a 12-hour live class. I like the subscription idea, because so often we buy things that sit on a shelf (or inside a tablet) and are not used. I want this course to be of use to you, and hope the time constraint will nudge you to do the work.

 A Dynamite Handout

In addition to the video workshop, you’ll be able to download and keep a 28-page (8,000 words) handout. This document contains illustrations, my wording for the explorations, and comments that are not in the video.

I’ve tried to make the workshop accessible for anyone interested in posture and body awareness, but sophisticated enough to be a resource for body workers and teachers of somatic disciplines. I hope you’ll find the content as valuable as I think it is, and that you’ll appreciate the casual flavor of the production.

You can start getting acquainted with your feet by going HERE.

© 2014 Mary Bond