Spatial Orientation as a Source of Support

Moving from the Back of Your Head

The following is an excerpt from Your Body Mandala, Chapter 3, “Sensing Space.”  Readers of the book will find a link to an audio version of this practice. There are about 35 audios linked to the book, making the exercises easy to explore—all you have to do is listen and follow along.

This exploration is one I give to almost every one of my private clients.  Awareness of the space around our bodies is uplifting. It emancipates joints, making movement freer, as I hope you’ll be able to feel for yourself..

Sit or stand comfortably. Turn your head to look to your right as far as it feels comfortable. Then look to your left. Look up to the ceiling and down to the ground. Notice how it feels to move your neck.

Spatial perception improves posture.

Now, renew your awareness that the ground is supporting your body from below. Take a moment to consciously yield the weight of your ankles into the ground. Yield your pelvis, your shoulder blades, and your elbows. At the same time, be aware of the space surrounding your body.

From there, mentally divide your head into a back and a front. Everything behind your ears is “the back of your head,” and everything from your ears forward is your “face.” Spread your palms and fingers across the back of your head. Close your eyes and take a moment to let your head feel the contact of your hands.

Next, turn your head in various directions by using your hands to move the back of your head. Your face remains passive.

Notice that when the back of your head is going to the left, your face turns to the right. When your face turns to the left, the back of your head moves to the right. When the back of your head goes down, your face tips upward. When you look down, the back of your head goes up.

Now, relax your arms and continue looking around, letting the back of your head lead the action. Your face is a passenger, riding on the back of your head. Notice how your neck feels when you move your head in this manner.

You may notice that moving from the back of your head has improved the range of motion in your neck. This is because your change of awareness activates a more efficient coordination of your neck muscles. In terms of Your Body Mandala, you’ve traveled from the sensory gate to the movement gate of your mandala.

Back of the head awareness quickly activates your spatial orientation.

 © 2019 Mary Bond