Important News About Your Pelvis


Looking back at my recent video posts, I see that I’ve been focusing on the pelvis and hips.  That’s not so surprising, because experience has shown me that if your pelvis is balanced and adaptable, then many other aspects of good posture will follow.  In my book and DVD I call the pelvis “The Root of Posture.” This video adds another detail to our pelvis investigations.  It introduces anatomical information that can help change the way you sit, the way you connect to your deep corset muscles, and the way you stand, walk and dance.

If your ischiopubic ramus is a bone you’ve never heard of, rest assured you have one--actually two (plural: rami). Familiarizing yourself with them is essential to full embodiment of your pelvis. You can’t become aware of the weight of a bone, unless you know it’s there, right? Experiencing the weight of your rami will help you deepen your connection to the ground through your pelvis, hips, thighs and feet.

Pelvic Floor musculature
Pelvic Floor musculature

A word about the term “pelvic floor”: in the video you’ll hear me make a distinction between the pelvic floorspace and the pelvic floor muscles.  The space is a diamond shaped area that is bounded by the rami, the pubis and the coccyx.  The pelvic floor musculature is a many layered, funnel-shaped sling of muscles that fill that space and contain the organs that rest into it. The muscles are penetrated by the urethra, vagina and anus.  You’ll need to refer to Lesson 3 in my DVD to fully understand how those muscles help you activate your deep corset abdominal support.

After watching this video check out your salsa moves.  Sustaining a sense of weight in your rami should do wonders for the fluidity of your hips and the sureness of your feet.  And if that’s true of your dance moves, what will it do to plain old walking?  Please let me know what you discover.

To get you started, here are links to some 99 cent salsa downloads from iTunes:

Buena Vista Social Club --old but good, and a bit slow so you can focus on feeling the weight of your rami

La Senora Dynamita(That’s you!!)

Here's the video:

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